The final step of EFC for the internationalization of its services

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

European Training and Consulting SLU (EFC), is an experienced and dynamic Canary company founded in 1993, with a long and proven experience in training consultancy and projects’ internationalization.

Their main objective is to provide global solutions to the problems that are contemplated in the development of the economic activity of the Canary business fabric and Public Organizations through Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i), as well as training and recycling employees who are carrying out functions of Planning, Coordination, Management and Evaluation of Institutional Training and Employment Programs, Training Consulting, and Organizational, Environmental and Human Resources Development.

"...Es el momento de lanzarse a competir en el exterior, pero también de atraer potencial inversión externa a nuestros impulsos empresariales locales, con sectores que son referencia en el mercado internacional: el turismo, la producción audiovisual, el diseño multimedia, etc..."

EFC, as a training center, expanded its services through Canary Islands to have

15 centers specialized in regulated and non-regulated training reaching regional leadership in this market nowadays.

In 2013, EFC plays a very important role in the work carried out as a placement agency, and it won the first tender of the Collaborative Framework Agreement of Private Placement Agencies with the Public State Employment Service (SEPE). A few years later, in 2016, it was configured as the leading Placement Agency in contracts, diagnosing and guiding more than 5,000 job seekers. Finally, at the end of 2017, EFC was awarded the collaboration service with the Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Xunta de Galicia, with the aim of developing job placement in the labor market of unemployed people based on the Framework Agreement P.A. 17/13 with employment agencies for collaboration with public employment services in the insertion in the labor market of unemployed people.

What is the current company’s main activity?

EFC operates under two commercial brands, MBA Consultants that provides human resources to other companies mainly in its area of employment; and CIP, which provides training and qualification to human resources of the companies.


EFC focuses on quality training to offer the services and productive sectors of the islands a highly qualified staff with professional projection in competences demanded by the companies of the islands.

The courses offered by EFC, focused on the most competitive sectors of the island economy, cover the segments of employed, in which we seek to improve the professional skills of our employees; it also cover the segments of unemployed, in which we offer certificates of professionalism in broad fields of implementation.

 We are focused on the strategic positioning of our institutions and local corporations in the international market as we are experts in the management of European projects, especially those aimed at the Macaronesic area.

 Why is it interesting for business development to look at foreign markets?

In a glocalized world, local projection is strongly linked to the connections that companies can make with global markets. The traditional tri-continental connection of the Canary Islands is strongly reinforced by the policies of European support to the outermost regions and especially the Macaronesic area, in which Canary entrepreneurs can find a natural way to expand their know-how competitively, as well as projecting the economy abroad.

It is time to start competing abroad, but also time to attract potential external investment to our local business impulses, with sectors that constitutes a reference in the international market: tourism, audiovisual production, multimedia design, etc.

What projects are you currently doing abroad? In which countries? Why?

In our Employment Area, thanks to our participation in Canarias Aporta, Galicia is developing the implementation of the company by providing services to companies in that region, and by identifying people who are useful to contribute to the improvement of companies’ efficiency and effectiveness through being winners in a Public Contest of this Region.

Regarding to training and qualification of human resources, we are working on a training program for the mainland Spain and Latin America, by specializing in the qualification of company mentors so that they become official teachers and they can contribute to improving the productivity of the companies.

In addition, in Cape Verde, we are developing a series of specific courses and studies related to agriculture and sustainability.

What products or services are those that you find most interesting to internationalize?

Within our context of action, training is presented as a potential to update the human resources of our professionals. We focus on training in the most competitive areas of the current field, for instance: training in audiovisual professionals by given the fiscal support strategy that the autonomous government promotes; green ecology and food sustainability that we can share with strategic partners and allies of the Macaronesica area and even with our links with companies in the mainland Spain area.

Currently, our strategy tends to focus on knowledge in Business Analytics, Big Data and machine learning as focal point in which to provide state-of-the-art knowledge to our students in the computer and communication families, or to clients of our consultancy as support to their digital transformation processes.What problems have you faced when going abroad? How have you solved them? Have you received support?

In the case of training and qualification of human resources, it is essential to have a center with homologated classrooms; otherwise, it is not possible to offer training courses with the minimum quality. Thanks to our participation in Canarias Aporta, we were able to contract a market and feasibility study at the destination, which included obtaining all the necessary information to open a premises with the characteristics required by the regulatory framework, the necessary permits process, etc.

This work was followed up by our Export Manager, who validated the results of the study commissioned.

Have you got any achievement internationally?

Our greatest achievement has been to establish ourselves as a Placement Agency to provide the insertion service in the labor market of unemployed people, through being awarded a tender public by collaborating with the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Xunta de Galicia.

On the other hand, thanks to the successful development of international cooperation projects in applied research, we participated in an international project about innovation in E-learning, as consolidating our department in digital content production and E-learning in collaboration with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Has it been easy to go abroad? How did your experience begin?

It has not been easy. Thanks to the economic and technical support we have received from the Canary Islands Government Program, Proexca’s Canarias Aporta, we have been able to make the definitive leap to internationalization, since we had previously developed small specific projects without being able to consolidate our services abroad.


Why would you recommend going abroad?

We are an archipelago that historically has been open to abroad; the majority part of our cultural heritage and know-how comes from our international contacts. This is a very evident fact, not only in the importance that the English colony could contribute to the construction of our economy, especially in ports and international trading, but also we can find that influence in the flourishing trade’s economy that immigrants brought to our local sectors as, for instance, the power of the Hindu community.

Canary Islands have always grown due to its connection to abroad, so we have known how to take advantage of all the influences we have received since the first

Phoenician colonies that left their footprints on outdoor structures in Teguise. It is time to go abroad, and to compete obtaining markets in our immediate environment in order to contribute our knowledge and where to make our economy grow.

Jesús González Navarro

Director Área de Consultoría Europea de Formación y Consultoría S.L.U

Tel: +34 928 362 004 // +34 667 096 854


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