“Máquinas Opein”: renting construction machinery construction in Ghana

Friday, 02 March 2018

From Canary Islands to Ghana, renting machinery as an answer to infrastructure necessities


Opein Rental Equipment Ghana Limited is a company with 100% Canary capital established in 2014. The Ghana subsidiary is owned by Máquinas Opein S.L.


In Canary Islands Opein is a leading company in equipment integral services; it is specialized in industrial equipment, construction equipment, hotel industry equipment, municipal vehicles fleet, etc.


Opein operates as an integral distributor that offers: renting of equipment, sale of new and used equipment, training in the use of equipment, etc.  Opein currently operates in several business areas such as scaffolding, lift systems, modular construction, cleaning, etc. We put the stress on innovation and specialization, and we distinguish ourselves in our professionalism.


Being a service company we aim for customer proximity, to achieve that goal we have nine offices in Canary Islands, one office in Morocco (Agadir), one office in Ghana (Accra), we also have 70 commercial and transport vehicles that allows us to give a quick response. We have a workforce of 130 professionals that give advice without further engagement and we also have more than 5,000 renting equipment.

Besides, we are licensed sellers for many leading firms in their respective areas such as Manitou, Genie, Gesan, Wacker Neuson, Kärcher, etc. All together helps to offer the best possible services.

The internationalization has not been an easy project, but for now it has been worthwhile. We believe that we are nowadays a company with more experience thanks to our internationalization projects, and we believe that we still have some way to go."

What is the main activity of the company at the present?

Our main activity in Ghana is renting lightweight and medium weight construction machinery.

Our location in the capital city gives us access to several international companies´ building projects, as well as to local entrepreneurs´ projects.

Our specialization in lift-systems allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and it also allows us to offer a product that is scarce in the market.

Our professionalism, our work system based on European standards and our business model, inherited from our Spanish parent company, helps us to distinguish ourselves in a way that we are seen as reliable suppliers by our clients.

Why do you find interesting looking into foreign markets for business development?

Being a company that operates in the Canary market you reach a point in which that market is not enough. Our main goal expanding overseas is to gain experience and take advantage of business opportunities.

Besides, learning from international markets allows us to improve the quality and competitiveness of our services In Canary Islands.

What projects are you currently carrying out overseas? In which countries and why?

At the moment we are present in Morocco (since 2012) and Ghana (since 2014). Our offices in Africa offer renting of high quality equipment for construction and maintenance.

We have selected the African market because it is the natural geographical area of expansion for canarian companies.

What products or services you find more attractive for internationalization?

We aim at internationalizing the products and services that we already know. Our more than 20 years of experience help us to select the right products for each international market we try to enter, and to do it in a progressive way. 


What problems have you encountered when trying to expand abroad? How did you solve them? Have you got any support?

We have encountered several bureaucratic issues that we have solved, step by step, with the help of qualified and skillful professionals with internationalization experience in African countries, mainly in Ghana.

We have always solved our issues and difficulties by following a philosophy based on adapting ourselves to the target country, and also relying on trustworthy consultants. We also received some casual support from public institutions like ICEX, PROEXCA, etc. But all off the investment capital comes from us. 

Have you accomplished any international achievement?

We managed to survive after five years in Morocco and three years in Ghana, and we have not only maintained our profits but we have also increased them.

Was it easy to become internationalized? How did your experience begin?

It all began with commercial visits, market researches, etc. During the first steps we used to rely on the help of ICEX and PROEXCA. Afterwards, we tried to consolidate our professional projects on international trade.

The internationalization has not been an easy project, but for now it has been worthwhile. We believe that we are nowadays a company with more experience thanks to our internationalization projects, and we believe that we still have some way to go.

Why would you recommend internationalization?

Being in an international world in which everything is interconnected, internationalization is not only the future but also the present. The internationalization has given us the opportunity of learning different ways of working, which helped us to consolidate our position and improve in what we were already proficient. 

Internationalization comes with an additional workload that makes us to step out of our comfort zone, but in the long term it is an enriching experience.

Opein Rental Equipement Ghana Ltd.

Tel: +233(0) 207 907 803 / +233(0) 503 585 858

Mail: ghana@opein.com

Web: www.opein.com

Translated by  Daniel Palacios Martínez,  March  1 th 2018


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