Gran Canaria leads in waste treatment

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Ecoparque Gran Canaria North not only works today at full pretty much its full capacity, but the opening of its new biostabilisation plant last month puts the complex at the European vanguard of waste treatment and disposal.  The President of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Antonio Morales points out that waste is one of the main environmental problems on the island and highlighted the investment efforts made by the island government, with the works at the complex having cost more than €42 million, provided solely by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

The complex is an “all in one” facility, separating waste from grey containers, providing a treatment plant for light packaging, a plant to produce biogas, compost and another plant for storage of hazardous waste and waste that can not be reused or recycled as well as a classroom for environmental education.

The island has managed to turn old landfills into a modern environmental complex for the separation and recovery of waste, innovation and environmental education. A collective effort that will allow it to repurpose 50% of waste arriving at the ecopark by 2020.
The Island Minister of Environment, Juan Manuel Brito, stressed the importance of the involvement within society to reach an optimal model of waste management and minimize the amounts of what ends up being thrown away. In this regard, he noted the crucial importance of citizen cooperation and waste separation. “what you have to work towards is creating good habits from an early age.” The Cabildo is working hard on an environmental education program and providing visits to the Ecoparque.

The only thing left to complete, is for the intended treatment facility for organic matter, to produce “compost” that can be used in gardening and reforestation, and also in agriculture if the organic matter is separated at origin.

The Ecoparque Gran Canaria North is also ready to be energy self-sufficient thanks to the energy produced by gas and biogas from the decomposition of sludge in the biogas plant, though state law still poses obstacles to consumption of this readily available resource.




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