El Hierro celebrates after supplying all its own energy for second time

Monday, 01 February 2016

The Canaries' smallest island and its self-sufficiency drive have featured in the headlines again with the news that power generated from natural sources supplied all its energy for much of Saturday.

The authorities in El Hierro are delighted at the success, which is only the second time that they have been able to shut down the diesel generators at the isand's conventional power station. The local Cabildo says that renewable energies provided the island's total power needs for around eight hours from 5.30 am on Saturday, saving an estimated 1.5 tonnes of diesel per hour during the big switch off, which lasted four times longer than the maiden 2-hour window achieved last August. El Hierro's innovative pilot project to harness wind and water as its energy sources has attracted major international interest and has been held up as a model for other parts of the world, including larger islands.


Source: http://www.islandconnections.eu/1000003/1000043/0/47030/daily-news-article.html


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