New Bourne blockbuster to be filmed in Tenerife in September

Thursday, 25 June 2015

25.06.2015 - The city's mayor José Manuel Bermúdez announced yesterday that a "blockbuster", which was unable to name (apparently under orders from Universal Studios), had chosen Santa Cuz as one of its key locations and filming would take place over a 5-week period after the summer. The location filming will involve up to 600 people and will bring an injection of 5 million euros for Santa Cruz, according to Bermúdez, who added that the city will be seen on screens worldwide next year. The mayor explained that he had persuaded the producers to recruit several hundred unemployed locals as extras and was convinced that the filming would be a masive shop window for Santa Cruz and Tenerife. He warned that the face of several city centre districts would be changed considerably for the duration of the filming and some disruption, including at night, will be inevitable but the inconvenience would be kept to a minimum. Although he could not reveal the name of the film, two local papers state today that it is the latest in the hugely-successful Bourne action films, for which Matt Damon has reportedly been lined up to resume the role of hero Jason Bourne under the direction of Paul Greengrass.




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