Technological development places the Canary Islands as a Smart tourist destination

Friday, 17 April 2015

The Digital Tourism Congress, organized by the Official Association of Graduate and Technical Engineers in Telecommunications of the Canary Islands (COGITTCAN) and the Catering and Tourism Employer’s Federation of Las Palmas (FEHT), with the aid of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s town hall through its Tourism Council department, started this morning with one basic premise among the different speakers: Information and Communication Technologies are changing the tourist sector and providing new work tools. 

The congress is celebrated starting today, Thursday 16th, until tomorrow, Friday 17th April, in Hotel Santa Catalina, with the participation of over 300 experts and professionals in the tourist sector to discuss the new technologies at the disposal of the Canary Islands’ tourist sector development.

The opening was chaired by COGITTCAN, through its dean, Sebastián Suárez, the mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s town hall, Juan José Cardona and Ricardo Fernández de la Puente, vice councilor of Tourism of the Canary Island’s government. 

Sebastián Suarez, in his inaugural speech, highlighted the importance of the development of technologies providing the creation of new means of communication thanks to the speed and ease of information exchange, which eliminates barriers and shortens the timeframes. In words of the dean, “these technologies have eliminated the frontiers, thus achieving the participation of users in a global manner”. He also highlighted that both the businesses and tourist sector’s technological infrastructure must adapt to the user’s needs through innovation processes, therefore creating a business network adapted to these new times. 

COGITTCAN united businessmen, technicians, service providers and ICT and tourism professionals under this event, in order to analyze the common problematic and demands of the collective and communicate the actions and strategies to be taken.

In short, Suárez stated that “tourism is our biggest source of income and we must take care of it in order to obtain a tourist who wants to repeat his experience in our holiday destination. 



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