Three cheese from Fuerteventura, chosen the best in Spain in their respective categories

Monday, 20 April 2015

Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura, through its brands Maxorata, El Tofio and Selectum, gained several gold medals in the VI Championship of the Best Cheese in Spain, organized these past days in the Salón del Gourmet de Madrid. 

The three gold medals awarded to the group in this edition were given to Maxorata curado pimentón, gold in goat cured cheese category, Tofio semicurado pimentón, gold in its category and the new brand, Selectum, which hasn’t yet celebrated its first anniversary, gold in the mixed goat and cow category. These prizes were awarded in unanimity by the competition’s official tasters. 

In this sixth edition, according to the organizers, over 350 cheese took part (divided in 12 categories). In fact, the fourth category alone (goat cured cheese) had 48 brands, several of which were representing the Canary Islands. 

These prizes reinforce the path taken by Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura almost 30 years ago. “The method is working”, they highlight, “and it’s nothing more than a firm bet in quality and the creation of a true artisan industry, where the different traditional methods meet the highest technology, which implies a strong and constant investment in R+D.”

Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura wants to share these prizes “with the people who make it possible for our products to be present in the best centers, in addition to the Canaries’ livestock sector, which is going through a hard time, facing an uncertain future thanks mainly to the sterile political wars between those who see such a sector as a bunch of votes, rather than a production sector with the ability to conquest international markets and place Fuerteventura as an area capable of generating richness and added value, thus helping a society where unemployment is a hazard.



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