The ministry of industry supports renewable energies, “specially in the Canary Islands”

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Yesterday, the Energy Secretary of State, Alberto Nadal, supported the construction of new renewable energy plants in Spain, in particular in regions like the Canary Islands, adding that it should be done in a smart way, “with the least possible cost for the consumer” and the biggest “carry-over effect” for the economy. This statement, realized during the presentation of the 2014 Energy Balance and Perspectives for 2015, organized by Enerclub, justifies the government’s proposal to announce the installation of 500 wind megawatts (MW) and 200 biomass MW, therefore breaking the renewable energy moratorium in force since January 2012. 

Nadal highlighted the need to assign this new energetic potency on a competitive basis in order to lower the cost. He specified that the potency installation “must start” in those areas where the renewable energies lower the system’s cost, fundamentally the Canary Islands.

In the Spanish peninsula, “renewable energies must be introduced where there’s a bigger margin to gain in efficiency”, like the renovation of wind equipment, or where there’s a “great chance to grow”, like biomass. 

Nonetheless, Nadal highlighted that the retribution, just like regulations, must be “flexible” in order to adapt to technological changes.  In this way, he talked about the uncertainty on the evolution of technology and how the energy demand will respond to the expected economic growth, thus creating the need to develop electric and gas interconnections. 



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