The experience of Dry Rock in the Canary Islands

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Why did you choose to establish your company in the Canary Islands?
First of all, the main reason for our company to settle here was the availability of natural resources offered by the islands, without which we could not exist. Then I also have to mention the quality of life and the business opportunities in the area.

Which are, in your opinion, the main investing advantages or opportunities offered by the Canary Islands as compared with other regions?
Again, I have to stress the importance of natural resources that are available in the islands and not in other regions, without which our company would not be able to carry on its main activity. The tax system and the cooperation are also major advantages only offered to us by the Canary Islands.

Would you point out any specific advantage offered by the Canary Islands in relation to infrastructures and connectivity?
I would point out the good communications offered by the islands.

What is your opinion about the islands’ business environment?
I have a favourable opinion. I feel that the islands offer a perfect combination of business and quality of life.

What do you think of the Canary Islands quality of life?
I would not only point out their good climate and the wide range of leisure activities on offer for our employees in their spare time, but also the excellent health system and the legal security, which ensure the well-being of our staff.


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